Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recreational Fishing Alliance Lawsuit on Channel Island Marine Reserves

As Secretary Chrisman rolls out MLPA to Southern California and North Coast, additional voices are joining to contest the way it is implemented. Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) uses the same points we do:
  1. Clearly identify the problem being solved
  2. Include measurable criteria for the benefit
  3. Allow fishing for species that are not of concern
  4. Include a sunset provision for specific MPAs when they reach a target

1 comment:

Royak said...

That's great news! It's about time a major fishing organization got serious about stopping unnecessary Channel Island fishing closures.

Congratulations to the RFA for being the first (to my knowledge) sportfishing organization to challenge such restrictions (as opposed to challenging funding procedures) in court.

It's also time to file a lawsuit against the Marine Life Protection Act and its implementation. Might this also be in the works?