Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How Realistic Is MLPA Enforcement?

It is my understanding that at the present time we have the following F&G wardens on the coast. We have an enforcement problem already!
  1. There is a resident warden in Elk who patrols from the Navarro River South to the Gualala River and East to Boonville.
  2. There is a resident warden on the South Coast that patrols the North half of Marin County North to the Russian River.
  3. There is NO RESIDENT WARDEN in the area from the Russian River North to the Gualala River.
  4. There is NO RESIDENT WARDEN on the Hwy 101 corridor inland from this area.
  5. We were told in the Gualala Meeting by the F&G Officer who is attending the meetings that another 7-9 positions would be asked for to enforce the MLPA plans. His comments was that by asking for 7-9, they would hopefully get 3.
  6. If there are 40 in the F&G Academy now, how many will make it? How many will transfer to another agency or a job with a higher salary? How many will get a coastal position? If they can find affordable housing in this area.
Arch Richardson, Stewarts Point, CA

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