Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Good Are Private Lands

Arch Richardson:
  • Economics is based on Abalone to all business and towns
  • Private lands have not impacted off shore commercial or recreational fishing
  • Private lands have protected and managed the take within the marine ecosystem
  • Private lands have taken the enforcement pressure off law enforcement agencies and patrol there investment and or heritage
  • Private lands have fewer rescues and garbage, in contrast with parks
  • Private lands should not be in the same equation as or with economics
  • State Marine Reserves in front of private lands hurt the sports angler who enters by boat to what currently exist as de facto reserves
  • Private lands have something to look at on the beaches: shells, sea life in general
  • Private lands have paid their taxes over the years to the State of California. State and County Parks DO NOT
  • Private landowners learn first-hand, not out of book
  • Private landowners and their guests do not pick up seal pups
  • I personally use big hooks to prevent “by catch”
  • Private landowners do not fish commercially but mostly for food

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